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At League City Landscape Architects, we offer a variety of services including garden design. Garden design is a large category that includes a number of services from small jobs, like planting a flower bed, to larger jobs like designing and creating an outdoor sports court. As one of the leading landscape and architectural design companies in the League City and Houston area, we have tailored our services to meet the need of a wide array of customers. We are proud to tailor our services to you and will work closely with you to design the landscape of your dreams, whether you need some help making a garden wall or want to transform your yard into a tropical garden.

Garden Walls

Garden walls are excellent options to improve your garden without an intrusive construction project. There are many uses garden walls provide, first of all, they are great retaining walls for erosion and water drainage control. Secondly, they help keep flowers in the right area and prevent weeds from intruding. And thirdly, they can help keep animals like bunnies and deer away from flower beds so they don’t eat your landscape! We can design a garden wall of bricks or stonework, or any other material you have in mind, and can combine it with antique wrought fences to add just the right touch of vintage style.

Tropical Garden

Have you dreamed of having exotic plants in your backyard but didn’t know how to start the garden? Its time to give us a call! As landscape and garden contractor experts, we have the solutions and knowledge you need to be able to get started on your tropical garden dream. There are many design options, including installing a greenhouse on your property, to make your tropical garden dream come true. Give our experts a call to brainstorm ideas!

Luxury Backyards

The League City Landscape Architects company has been working with homeowners in the Houston and League City area for years. We’ve helped transform people’s properties from average households to luxury backyard properties that belong on the front cover of design magazines. Our landscape experts can help you make your landscape ideas come to life on your own property. Whether you are interested in a vintage French landscape design or are looking for a contemporary look, we will design a landscape that will leave you shocked by its beauty!

Outdoor Sports Courts

In addition to garden services, we offer outdoor sports courts landscape design and construction. Outdoor sports courts are a great investment as they can significantly increase the value of your property. They are also a great way to improve your lifestyle and bring friends and family together through active sports. Whether you can a basketball court or a tennis court, or a mix of both, we can help design the sport court of your dreams and fit it in your property. If you are interested in our services, give us a call!

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